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Products » Ship Chandling & Marine Supplies » 23-SERIES

Consist of a complete range of :
Mooring Links, 
Mandal Fairlead, 
Fairlead Shackles, 
Deck Lashing, 
Turn Buckles, 
Rigging Screws, 
Wire Rope Clips, Wire Rope Thimbles &
Manila Rope, 
Safety Latch Hooks, 
Swivel Safety Cargo Hooks, 
Deltaplates, Alloy Chains. 
We also carry a complete range 
Steel Cargo Blocks, 
Guy+Snatch Blocks+Wooden Blocks , 
Cargo Safety nets, Nylon Slings, 
Endless Type Sling, Waterproof Canvas, 
Scupper Plugs, 
Oil Absorbent Sheets, 
Oil Absorbent Pellets, 
Oil Blooms, 
Hatch Cover Tape.

Speciality products are: 
Container lashing & securing Gears like Twistlocks, 
Lashing rod long, 
Lashing rod short, 
Single stacker, 
Double stacker, 
Bridge fittings, 
Actuator poles, 
Extension rods, 
Corner hooks, 
Lashing eyes & lashing chains. 

Anchor chains 
Joining shackles, 
Anchor shackles, 
Kenter shackles, 
Swiver shackles, 
Chain stoppers stockless Anchors.