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Gulf Circle Marine LLC, Dubai was established in 1996 to provide a fully inclusive portfolio of services to the Marine industry. During last 20 years we have established a reputation of quality & services to our clients. Gulf Circle is recalled as a solution provider, rather than a mere supplier by its customers.

Our heritage over the last 20 years gives us the knowledge, the experience, the vision and the passion to expand and to continue building on solid foundations.

Passion, innovation and commitment to invest in people, infrastructure and technology has remained at the forefront of this success. We have established and continue to maintain outstanding relationships with manufactures & agents across the globe ensuring that our clients have unrivaled access to their very requirements.

Our vision is one of building successful, long lasting relationships based on quality, integrity, commitment and responsibility. A vision aimed at ensuring that along with the right product at right time for the right price, we deliver peace of mind.

GCM’s mission is to further evolve and continue to impress our client with our understanding of their specific needs and requirements.

We will not compromise on quality, service and value. We look forward to continuing to provide an excellent service based around quality and integrity.

Muhammad Azam Suleman
Gulf Circle Marine LLC